Generate your customer onboarding in an hour.

Convert your leads into clients


Choose the best pages for your onboarding

Get the most information with minimum typing effort from your customers

Increase your revenue by 3%

For each point of NPS earned on your onboarding

Financial institutions complete customers onboardings and KYC processes in around 12 weeks on average. It’s still a process that is often accomplished manually and remains complex.

Yet, the information gathering process establishes the customer relationship and builds their trust in the organization.

A McKinsey study indicates that for every one-point increase in customer onboarding satisfaction on a Net Promoter Score -NPS- on a scale from one to ten, there is a 3% increase in customer revenue. A raise from 5 to 8 points out of 10 can thus increase revenues by 9%!


100% integrated in your IT

The onboarding integrates fully into your own application. Keep your customers data safe in your own servers.

Softwares that offer onboarding and KYC processes usually are SaaS solutions that aren’t approved by ITs.

Our on-premise approach using a code generator allows you to store your customers' data and the application code exclusively in your servers.

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